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Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: Generally speaking, we advise clients that 3-5 sessions one week apart will address their pain effectively. What we find is that sometimes clients need only one session and other times, they may need more than 5 sessions depending on the nature of their complaint.

Q: When can I have a session?
A: Appointments are available Tuesday – Thursday. Click here for hours.

Q: Why do I have to wait a week before my next

A: Many changes occur during a session and your body
will continue to change and adapt to those changes over
the next several days. By allowing at least 5 days before
your next session, it allows your body the time it needs to
adjust to the better way of being before we cause more changes to happen at the next session.

Q: Why do you leave me alone on the table/plinth? How long will you leave me?
A: All clients are allowed time alone on the table after each set of “moves”. Each touch or “move” the practitioner performs starts a chain reaction of changes in the body and by allowing time after each set of touches, the chain reaction can have an opportunity to run it's course before the next set touches cause another reaction. You will be allowed to relax comfortably on the table for up to 20 minutes or as much as your body needs. Your therapist is always within hearing distance if needed.

Q: Will it hurt?
A: No! Bowen therapy should never hurt. We do not believe in the idea of “no pain, no gain.” We DO believe in creating more comfort and relaxation.

Q: Can my child receive Bowen therapy?
A: Of course! Even children can need help in recovering from injuries and we are here for them as well. For every child under 18 who receives a session at the same time as an accompanying adult, their session is only €20.